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Policy interventions to promote market access used car prices "reluctant selle

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"My car sold yet? If you do not sell do not sell opinions on it first!" Recently, the capital of the company's largest used car consignment FUTUREKIDS line customer service staff consignment of receiving the customer's phone. Not just second-hand cars sold on consignment customers, Beijing's largest second-hand car market Huaxiang, the recent transfer of second-hand car trading volume continues to grow, individuals transfer more than 10% volume growth, while the actual market transactions "reluctant sellers" phenomenon evident. ● policy interventions will be second-hand car prices A market of anonymity, said that in future used car prices will inevitably rise, but prices will lead to extend the useful life of second-hand car, is not conducive to the upgrading of the vehicle. In other words, second-hand car market will return to the level of development a few years ago. In fact, the new car market in recent years, the people continued to take the heat into a misunderstanding, and most people think of Beijing's new vehicle is in accordance with the new car has been increasing, used-car market does not know the total for the Beijing Auto "contribution." Since 1999, the Beijing environmental protection policies are to varying degrees stimulated the development of second-hand car market to promote continued low prices of used cars, so that the number of poor vehicle condition, environmental standards for vehicles be phased out. Beijing used car transactions every year 40 million vehicles, directly out of the vehicle dismantling are a few million, and as the sound development of second-hand car market, the ultimate second-hand car trading volume of more than a new car, the cost of the use of some vehicles increase, will gradually withdraw from the Beijing market, until it is dismantled, the formation of a cycle in the car market. Some professionals believe that, in accordance with the characteristics of the current Beijing auto market, this second-hand car trading times more than new car sales will be the first to arrive. ● second-hand car market is "reluctant sellers" At present, the used car market, some knowledge of the agent under the guise of the rumors, inciting second-hand car market situation. A used car broker, said in an interview, not the current stock car short, and if the price of second-hand car with a license to 'cost', the demand will determine the future 'cost' of the high and low. " Most of the used car brokers generally more concerned about second-hand car market in Beijing will have fallen sharply, that is, second-hand car market is not so prosperous as now, a variety of second-hand car market speculation will be again. Currently, used car management in accordance with the current approach to the implementation of Beijing, used car transfer within three years must re-apply for a license, vehicle license for three years can continue to use the new car.