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Suffer a great deal of bother checking used car transaction procedures need to

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Used car transactions, often we are most concerned about is the car's own use, and procedures on issues are often overlooked, in fact, used car trade is particularly important to the contrary, procedures, if the transaction vehicle itself has problems can also maintenance, contracting procedures in case of incomplete vehicles, it is possible the price of the entire vehicle to Peidiao even have to buy a used car stealing and pay the legal dispute, which more harm than good. Many consumers in the used car market trading when the vehicle is often used-car sales staff will tell you: transfer of responsibility on our side, you do not have to worry about what to ask you a bunch of things, the transfer of the hall you turn led around, Qiguaibaguai You may Mongolia, and in the end to throw you a sentence, had finished households, and the car go. In fact, a simple transfer to say, but the procedures for checking on their own should look carefully. Now I introduce the required used car transfer procedures: Vehicle Registration Certificate Vehicle registration certificate is a necessary vehicle title certificates purchased before 2002, most cars do not have a registration certificate when the vehicle needs to re-submit the transaction registration certificate. Vehicle registration certificates of vehicles after the transaction will be documented and current owner of the original owner more information, to ensure that parties to the transaction and vehicle management to understand the situation change of ownership of vehicles. At present, some of the larger, more standardized services, the old motor vehicle market, such as the old motor vehicle market in Beijing, the usually go through the window with the vehicle registration certificate, the consumer could go to for processing. There are many Che Fanzi when the car dealers say their car is always a handcart, vehicle registration, can clearly see the car on the transfer of records. Vehicle certificate Vehicle after the vehicle registration certificate is a certificate of important documents, the consumer second-hand car trading, when vehicles have to change the certificate. Note that, the vehicle driving license and vehicle traffic should match the photo, the vehicle passed the annual examination in accordance with the provisions allowed for processing. Owner ID card, certificate to be real and effective unit code When change of ownership of vehicles must produce proof of identity of both transactions, the unit will need to show unit code certificate. Identification of which expired inspection certificate is not such code is often the case, you need to go through proper parties to the transaction. Another case is the certificate identification code or address and name of the original vehicle registration certificate or driving license do not match, which also requires parties to the transaction to the vehicle management changes. Vehicle transaction contract signed Vehicle buying process, buyers and sellers should sign contract for the sale, the contract parties to the transaction should be completed clearly on the vehicle data, vehicle status, the cost burden and solution of problems and so there is no basis to avoid future problems. With the current market norms, such as Beijing Huaxiang old motor vehicle market has developed standards to their own agreement, the vehicle will be traded in the Huaxiang signing this agreement, to provide protection to the parties to the transaction. Vehicle purchase surcharges, maintenance fee and travel tax changes Change of ownership in the vehicle, the need for additional tax the purchase of vehicles, vehicle use tax for road maintenance and inspection, additional tax must pay purchase of vehicles, vehicle maintenance fee to pay at least one month during trading hours, vehicle use tax must be paid to vehicle transactions for the year. To avoid opening a period of time after the discovery, some of the car not previously paid road maintenance, traffic violation fines, and so some of assorted situation. For changes in other related procedures Second-hand car trading, buyers and sellers in the used car market also need to change the vehicle to the property after the Department for purchase of additional tax levy change Zheng Ji, Zheng Ji, apply for road maintenance to road maintenance changes to the insurance company for insurance procedures change, the costs had special attention. Finally, to remind you, when you have sold your own car, be sure to transfer the end of the procedure car! Otherwise, if the car after an accident, the parties do not take responsibility for a variety of factors, then the responsibility can only be your own. So you own a car sale, either your checking or commission for the transfer of vehicle ownership transfer intermediary firms, and after the re-transfer request to receive a copy of driving license!
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