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Times increase the premium to buy used cars Chuxian be carefully Pei Fu Records

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The same two models, the use of second-hand cars are the same year, when the insured has a difference of 500 yuan premium. The reason is a car no claims record, on several occasions before the dangerous condition of the other car. Eukanuba network to remind you to buy second-hand car, the vehicle of the debts need to pay attention to records. Late last year, Mr. Wu Changliu Beverly bought a second hand car, spent 1,000 yuan on the insurance. Not long ago, his friend bought a used car exactly the same, he was less than the premium of 500 yuan. Insurance company staff explained that Mr. Liu had the car before the claims record, and his friend's car did not Peifu before, so the premium will be relatively floating Liu. Insurance companies say, according to the provisions of the insurance company, a record has Peifu old, certainly higher than the non-premium Peifu old records. Even with the same model, using also the same year, as long as the history of Peifu different, the premium may be a lot of difference. Vehicle owners to buy second-hand car, do not forget to ask for the original owners of the original car insurance policy, if the car had damages, can be found in the auto insurance policy overshadowed chapter markers to confirm.